Using Google Trends for SEO

Google trends for seo

Understanding the ins and outs of digital marketing requires an even closer understanding of trends, demographics, social media marketing, and other technical aspects. There exists a useful tool that can be used to achieve all this and more, for free! This is the Google Trends website which provides many statistics and information about ongoing trends on Google and YouTube. First launched way back in 2006, it is a highly popular source for big data research and marketing implementation, and not without reason. It is a very easy-to-use tool as it lets you observe search results from around the world with exhaustive information and statistics in real-time. Not only this, but it also lets you compare your findings for more analysis and insight. 

In today’s day and age, how do we know that someone is interested in a certain product or service? The easiest way, without them having to say anything, is to see whether or not they’re specifically searching for it. There is a high correlation between a person’s Google Search for something, and their willingness to buy. 

Search engines consider these “searches” as keywords that allow them to filter results based on ranking. This ranking determines how relevant a webpage is for that particular search keyword. Through this process, consumers are able to enter their own keywords into the search bar and access a wide range of information sources. As we all know, of the millions of search pages that will show up, the consumer will be interested in perhaps the top 2 or 3 results, and their search would be concluded. Making it to the top gold, silver, and bronze positions of this list is not easy, but the reward is quite great. This is known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and refers to the optimization of your website/web page ranking in the search engine. Google Trends is a great tool to use and improve your ranking and thus maximize sales while generating new, valuable leads. 

Now that you understand what Google Trends are, it is time to learn how to improve website ranking and improve SEO using Google Trends. The following steps outlined in this blog will help you get a basic understanding of drastically enhancing your SEO efforts!

How to use google trends for SEO?

  • Keyword Search Volume Trends

Google Trends lets you understand the search volume of a specific keyword. Why is this important? This is because the very understanding of what is being looked for, lets you adapt to the trends and stay relevant. If you don’t know what the general public is looking for, how do you expect to understand their needs? It’s not about marketing your product or service to your audience. Rather, it is about making your product or service relevant to the people and the current times. Brands that understand and recognize this, always stay on top of the trends and are thus able to be relatable to the public. Without an understanding of what keywords are being used on a daily, you cannot get the significant edge that you need against your competitors.

  • Related Keywords and Content

Once you figure out what’s trending, it’s not just about the single keyword that currently makes sense. You need to get the whole package to actually make a difference in your marketing efforts, because if you utilize the trending keywords, well, so is everybody else. Look for other keywords that are related to the most trending one, and also look for “rising” and “top” topics that people are on the lookout for. Using this, you can then make a list of blogs, social media posts, and videos that will help you understand how to direct your content generation efforts as well. Use the “related queries” and “related topics” features in Google Trends to make full use of related keywords.

  • Breakout Keywords

Breakout keywords are exactly what they sound like. Just as we have breakout performances in acting, a breakout keyword is a rising search term that is quickly becoming more and more popular. This title is given to those keywords that have increased their search volume by over 5000%. This number may be significantly large, but the use of breakout keywords is all about timing. A lot of these breakout keywords are fads and not trends, so building a digital marketing campaign around them would be futile. However, the use of them to gain leverage in page rankings might allow you to sit on top of the search engine results page (SERP) for long enough to hike your popularity. So keep a lookout in Google Trends for Breakout Keywords and make use of them as quickly as you can.

  • Optimization with Demographic Trends

Understanding who your customers are and where they are from is the biggest stepping stone to knowing what they want. The feature of Google Trends that allows you to view interest in specific keywords by region and subregion lets you know the niche of certain trends. It enables you to use statistics to observe trends, analyze them, and predict whether or not the audience in a particular location will be open to a product or service you are offering at a specific time. There may be millions of people in your country or even city, but the “interest by subregion” will let you see specific trends in certain locations so you can optimize your digital marketing efforts accordingly.

  • Trending and LSI Keywords

You can find specific keywords that help you specify the type of search as well and these include “Web search” which is the default option, and also “image search”, “news search”, “Google Shopping”, and “YouTube Search”. These will help you understand the trends in real-time and any spikes in a given period of time. Another way to use Google Trends is to understand LSI or Latent Semantic Index Keywords. These keywords can be understood by the software using powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, and thus have to make sense in the context. It ensures that the author has not attempted keyword stuffing, while also recognizing queries and topics related to a specific keyword.

Consumers are becoming smarter every day, and we as business owners and digital marketers can only stay one step ahead when we understand the way customers think, and keep ourselves up-to-date with Google’s powerful algorithms. Google Trends is a valuable tool that requires more than just simple efforts into marketing. It requires an understanding of the information that it gives us, analyzing it, and implementing it for better digital marketing campaigns. If we are able to grasp the utilization of Google Trends for the better, we can completely transform our SEO efforts and rank higher on SERPs than we have ever done before.

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