Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Post Covid-19

Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Post Covid-19

We are standing at the end of a very difficult financial year. However, tomorrow may turn a new leaf, with FY 2021 waiting to begin at the end of today. Covid-19 qualifies as a global pandemic for a reason. It has entered into every aspect of our businesses, our economies, our day-to-day activities, and our overall lives. While some have been affected more than others, it is safe to say that everyone has been affected by the Coronavirus this past year.

It has been one year since the global lockdown began, and things have changed considerably, especially for those in the business domain. The way small-scale industries work has completely changed, while even medium to large scale companies have had to adapt to these dynamic external factors which come with a global pandemic. With the onslaught of social distancing campaigns, more and more people working from home, fewer cars on the road, and online businesses finding prosperity in revenue, it is becoming not only important, but necessary to depend on a digital platform as a global business in order to survive in the competitive corporate world.

As more firms have taken a digital-centric approach to most of their activities, they are now also focusing on new digital marketing strategies that seem to be here to stay. In today’s blog we are looking at three of the most ubiquitous digital marketing strategies that have gradually entered in the market to emerge as the top emerging trends this past financial year.

Coronawashing Content

As more people are being affected by Covid-19, firms are trying to play their content to fit the current context. This isn’t just about companies that sell products that may be relevant to the needs of the people in these trying times, but it is also about those companies that are trying to mould their image to become more relevant. This is a major marketing trend that we noticed, adopted not only by restaurants, salons, or malls, but also by bigger, less corona-relevant companies such as tech-giants, design agencies, consultancies and more. Anyone that belongs to a marketing department, regardless of domain, has had to educate themselves about the pandemic situation, and figure out how they can feasibly fit their firm in the evolving market. This is true for not just content, but also entire marketing campaigns that revolve around their adaptability to the Coronavirus. 

 Going Phygital

As vaccinations are being issued and the surge of Covid-19 cases is ever-so-slowly falling, firms are gradually bringing back small-scale and controlled events. These events are great for generating content, and based on how complex the event was, the firm can get a lot of relevant content for their marketing campaign. However, the most important aspect of organizing events post-covid is going “Phygital”.

Although the event involves a small number of people, it is propagated through live streaming, tweets, posts, stories, and more. This is excellent digital marketing, as the event is controlled and small-scale, but the outreach is incredible. As most people cannot attend in person, concerts, parties, networking events, summits, and more are reaching thousands via a digital platform, further improving the firm’s online presence. This new digital marketing trend has proven successful for many companies and is a practice that is definitely here to stay.

People-focused Marketing

With the economic recession that came with the global pandemic, companies have had to not only freeze their hiring process but also lay off big chunks of their human resource, simply because they could not afford it. These are very difficult decisions made by those in management, however, they are increasingly important to maintain a competitive advantage and efficiently implement an online sales strategy. Apart from this, millions of people around the world have been affected by the Coronavirus, either themselves or a loved one. In such a day and age, those companies that market their establishment as sympathetic, people-focused firms, are proving to be more relevant and popular. This is why, people-focused marketing, which has a sympathetic, positive, and hopeful tone is becoming more successful in terms of digital marketing.

It is important, as a marketer, to learn about these trends so as to include them in your own digital marketing campaign. What works for one may not work for another, and marketing is a consistent effort. These trends however, are becoming increasingly significant in the post-Covid era, so it would be important to consider them for your upcoming digital marketing strategy.

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